Rencontre avec Laetitia, kite surfeuse et globtrotteuse

"All I can think about is when and where will be the next time I can hook my harness or hop on a surfboard...."
What about you? 
I study mathematics in Paris during the year, but you can tell at the first glance that I belong at the beach. All I can think about in class is when and where will be the next time I can hook in my harness or hop on a surfboard, walk barefoot in the sand or enjoy a caipirinha while watching the sunset. As soon as I started walking by myself, my parents decided to put me on a windsurf board. But I really got addicted when I learned kitesurfing 10 years later in Dakhla, Morocco, back at the time when it was still a secret spot. Since then, all my time off is spent in windy and sunny places. I became an IKO instructor a few years ago, to be able to finance myself my holidays while being in my favorite surrounding.
Your favorite country to travel? 
This is a tough question, knowing that the thrill of traveling is to discover new places. I travelled a lot through the Caribbean Islands and I totally fell in love with Brazil last summer. Morocco has amazing coasts to surf and unknown beaches.
 I guess my next stop will be the Mauritius Islands or maybe the Indonesian Islands. 
Your perfect beach is? 
The most important about the beach is the constant wind. I used to love the lagoon in Dakhla for this, but it became crowded when the word of this perfect spot got spread. I guess the Brazilian beaches close to Jericoacoara became my favorite spots, mostly because of the downwinders you can make along those paradisiacal coasts, and you can have flat and wavy spots really close to each other to vary the fun.
Describe your ideal vacation itinerary 
I love to discover places where few people have been yet. The perfect vacation would be to kidnap my two crazy best friends, Mai and Pénélope, and hop in a Van with them, surf boards on the roof and our kite-surf gear in the trunk, and explore a coast where it will be summer at that time. Kite when it’s windy, surf when it’s wavy, and party when it’s… well, you can party anytime actually.
As french girl, what is your impression of Brazilian style?
I only really know one small part of Brazil, which is Jericoacoara, and less than one day is approximately the time I needed to feel like home. It’s quite different from the other places I know, it’s enchanting and captivating. Their way of fully living and enjoying every minute of every day, their perspective of life is so different from the urban way of thinking. It was tough going back to Paris, like going back to reality after being lost in paradise.
What do you expect regarding swimsuits ? 
Swimsuits are supposed to highlight our body shapes, be comfortable and hold in place, whatever we’re doing on the beach. It can get very awkward if your boobs pop out during a beach volley game or while catching a wave.
What about Alma da Onda ? 
Alma da Onda really became my favorite swimsuit brand, and not just because of their amazing looks. They are not too fancy, or on the opposite sporty, but rather elegant, and perfectly matches your body shape. This is mostly because of the great quality of the fabric, and it’s softness made me spend all day in it.
What really surprised me also is that it does not move an inch, even when I went freestyling with my kite or when a wave crashed me.
A day in Paris with… you!
9:00 am / Start your morning with…. A brunch!!! I am a huge fan of brunching in the morning. I first need a coffee, then I make myself scrambled eggs with all the vegetables from my fridge. My favorite item in my kitchen is my blender, in which I make every kind of smoothies depending on the season, to accompany my pancakes topped with maple syrup. After this, I am ready to rumble!
12:30 am / Your favorite spot If it’s sunny outside, I love to walk around in the streets of Paris with my friends. One of my favorite places is “Le marais”, a historic district very frequented for the atmosphere that it releases. We stop for a coffee in a terrace, or buy some clothes in one of the many stores you can find there.
2:00 pm / On your way to…
Paris is amazing mostly because it’s impossible to be bored. Every day, especially the weekend, there is an either an interesting exhibition, a play, a concert, lots of comedy shows…
But if it’s sunny, I rather stay outside and sit down on the docks. It’s one of my favorite thing in Paris, the atmosphere is stunning, live music in every corner. It get’s crowded around 4pm, people gather together and sit on the ground, catching the light of the sun while sipping some wine.
6.00 pm 
As long as it’s nice outside, I stay on the docks with my friends. If it get’s cooler we head back home and chill, with some music on the speakers. It’s time to get pretty and ready for the night…
8.00 pm 
I usually join my friends in a restaurant or in a house of one of them for dinner, before going for some drinks in a bar. Bars are easy to find in Paris, and for every taste! My favorite ones are in the district of Saint Germain des Près. After this, if we have nothing to do the next day we move to a nightclub or a dancing bar, with music from the 80’s or to see live electronic music from an artist we like.
As you can see, the main things I enjoy are to be outside and enjoy moments with my friends :-)
What about your city ? Some nice adresses
Brunch: Café coutume
Lunch: Minh Chau, Miznon
Diner: Vins des pyrénées, Casa Bini
Bars: Bar du marché, Le prescription, On the docks at “Les Invalides”, in front of
Go out: Bus Paladium, La mano, Le Faust, Le divan du monde
Shop : Rue de Rivoli, and in the district “Le marais”
"All I can think about is when and where will be the next time I can hook my harness or hop on a surfboard...."
New Dunas bottom with brazilian shape, Palm Print 2017