Marina & Lambrina, 2 fashion bloggers from Athens !

Few questions to discover the lifestyle of 2 greek fashion bloggers, Marina & Lambrina from

Your favorite country to travel ?
There are many but one of our favourite countries to travel is France  because it has so many different cities to visit and each of them so unique. We love Paris, Nice and Antibes.

Your perfect beach is ? 

We can't decide , but definitely it is in Greece. We have the best beaches in the world. The greek islands are so beautiful.

Describe your ideal vacation itinerary 

An ideal vacation itinerary would be a tour/cruise around the Aegean islands with a yacht.

As greek girls, what is your impression of Brazilian style ? 
We love the brazilian style. We think that it is really glamorous and stylish at the same time.

What do you expect regarding swimsuits ?
Fit well,have a great colour,be unique and sexy

What about Alma da Onda ?  
Alma da Onda is a brand that has amazing swimwear and in a great quality.Everything we are looking for when searching for swimwear. We love the bikinis.We are  huge fans!

A day in Athens with….you !
9:00 am 
Start your morning with….coffee, checking the e-mails and getting dressed for the day.
12:30 am
your favorite spot meet  friends or my sister at my favourite spot in Athens,a Monastiraki cafe with the Acropolis view. 
2:00 pm 
On your way to…On our way to meetings, photoshootings and hard work. Later, we have lunch with our team.
6.00 pm 
...We leave the office and go home where we write our fashion posts for our blog.
8.00 pm 
….I choose the clothes for the next day and relax with a good movie .